by Damodara Rao Dasu

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parama purusha nirupamAna - shanmukhapriya

In this song Annamaiah describes the divine appearence and the glory of Lord Venkatesa.

P parama purusha nirupamAna SaraNu SaraNu rE
indirA nija mandirA||
Oh supreme lord, You are unparalleled. I surrender to you. Your heart is Lakshmi's abode.
C 1 kamala nAbha kamala nayana
kamala charaNa rE
amita sura muni nAtha yoodhapa nAyaka varadAyaka ||
Your navel is lotus like.You are lotus eyed. You are the Lord of multitudes of Devatas and sages. You are care taker of the cows. You are bestower of boons.
C 2 chatura mooriti chatura bAhu Sankha chakra dhara
atiSaya Sri venkaTAdhipa anjana kruti ranjana ||
You are absolute. You havefour arms. You wield conch and discus. Oh Lord of Venkata hill, you are marvellous. Anjaneya praises you.

paTTina dellA brahmamu

In this song Annamaiah explains the nature of people. He says that some are ignorant, some are money-minded , some are lustful and some are totally immersed with family but none is mindful of spirituality.

P paTTina dellA brahmamu
daTTapu jaDunaku daivambElA ||
Ignorant person feels that whatever he takes up is ultimate. Why is he bothered of God?
C 1 ghana yAchakunaku kanakamE brahmamu
tanuvE brahmamu taruvaliki
enaya kAmuna kintulE brahmamu
tana lO veligETi tatvambElA ||
A beggar considers gold only as God. Money-minded people consider that their body is ultimate. A lustful person thinks that women are ultimate joy. Why are they bothered of the spiritual light within themselves?
C 2 AkaTi vAniki annamE brahmamu
lOkamE brahmamu lOluniki
kaikoni karmiki kAlamE brahmamu
SrikAntuni pai chintadi ElA ||
Food is supreme to the hungry one. Worldly activity is ultimate to the covetous one. Time is God to the one immersed in work. How can they contemplate on the Supreme Lord?
C 3 bhuvi samsAriki putrule brahmamu
navamindariki naDachEdi
ivalanu venkaTESu dAsulaku
bhAva matani krupE brahmamu ||
In this world children are ultimate to a family head. They find new interests in their daily routine. Only Sri Venkatesa's grace is the supreme bliss to his devotees.