by Damodara Rao Dasu

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Reviews by Musicians and Dancers

Sangeetha Sudha is a valuable resource to all music lovers, students and teachers of Carnatic music and dance. This book is a worthy tribute to the great composers of Carnatic Music tradition.
Jayashree Varadarajan,
Founder Director,
Srirama Lalita Kala Mandir, Sunnyvale, CA
4th February 2008

It is mainly with the noble view that not only Telugu people but also others comprehend and understand the great works of the composers that Sri Damodara Rao Dasu has taken up the task of authoring Sangeeta Sudha with great devotion for the benefit of the readers and aspiring singers.
Peri Srirama murthy,
Sri Bhakta Ramadasa Govt. College of Music and Dance
17th January, 2008

The book Sangeeta Sudha by Sri Damodara Rao Dasu is real boon to all students of music, rasikas and critics. Sri Dasu has broken the language barrier for ultimate benefit of musicians and concert goers.
Asha Ramesh
Artistic Director
Ragamalika School of Music
San jose, CA
17th November, 2008

The two volumes of Sangeeta Sudha are invaluable gifts for ardent lovers of Carnatic music and treasure trove for students of music.
Anuradha Sridhar
Founder Director
Trinity Center for Music
Saratoga, CA
18th November, 2008

Sri Dasu Damodara Rao garu selected 42 beautiful songs from Sri Krishnaleela Tarangini and has written translation and transliteration in English. I am sure that it will be very useful to every arististe and mainly for those residing in foreign countries.
Dr. K Uma Rama Rao
Founder Director
Lasya Priya Academy of Indian Dances
Hyderabad, India
24th March, 2008

It is very thoughtful of Sri Dasu Damodara Rao to translate and transiliterate selected Tarangams into English. The work is benificial for the students and also music lovers to understand the correct meaning of the songs.
Dr. S. Uma Devi
Asst. Professor
Department of Music and School of Fine Arts
P. S. Telugu University, Hyderabad.

Sri Damodara Rao Dasu has done wonderful service through his thorough research of the songs and the publication of several volumes with lyrics and meaning in English.
Mythili Kumar
Artistic Director
Abhinaya Dance Company
San Jose, CA

It is an invaluable asset to all the dancers and teachers all over the world.
Suganda Iyer
Artistic Director
Jayendra Kala Kendra
San Jose, CA

Sri Dasu Damodara Rao garu has made it easier for the teachers, students as well as connoisseurs of Carnatic music to understand and appreciate the philosophy of the great composers.
Dr. Seshu Sarma,
Associate Professor
Morchouse School of Medicine,
Atlanta, GA

For dancers your work is so useful, because it can help them understand the lyrics so much better, and thus aid them in their choreography. The same goes for musicians (vocalists especially), who, once they understand the depth of the meaning, will be able to sing with greater feeling. This is truly a labor of love, and it is to be commended, admired, and appreciated. On behalf of music lovers, a big ''thank you''. Respectfully --
Rathna Kumar
Director Anjali Center for Performing Arts
Houston, Texas