by Damodara Rao Dasu

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Adi dEva paramAtma - sindhu bhairavi

P AdidEva paramAtmA
vEdavEdanta vEdya namO namO ||
Oh Supreme Soul Venkatesa, You are the primordial God. You are comprehended by the Vedas and Upanishads. I bow to you again and again.
C 1 parAtparA bhakta bhava bhaya bhanjana
charAchara lOka janaka namO namO ||
Oh transcendental Lord, You are the destroyer of worldly afflictions of devotees. You are the Supreme creator of the animate and inanimate world. I bow to you again and again.
C 2 gadAdharA Sri vEnkaTagiri nilayA
sadAnanda prasanna namO namO ||
Oh Lord , your holy abode is Venkatagiri. You wield mace. You are ever blissful. You are benign and gracious. I bow to you again and again.