by Damodara Rao Dasu

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sanke lEka talachina

P sanke lEka talachina jANalaku
sankeertaname pO sarva SAnti ||
Chanting Sri Venkatapati's sacred name with absolute faith bestows peace of mind to the wise people in all respects.
C 1 bhava haramagu Sripati nAmame
javakaTTi talachitE janma SAnti
tavili hari pooja tA jEyuTE
kuvalayamuna nidigO graha SAnti ||
Blessed are they who contemplate on the name of Sripati . It destroys all worldly afflictions. In this world , worshipping Sri Hari without fail bestows peace at home.
C 2 andi dhruva varaduDa yaninade
kanduvaina sarvagraha SAnti
induravi nayanuni neruguTe
chandamainadidivO nakshatra SAnti ||
Uttering the name of the Lord who conferred highest position to him in galaxy is the best way to propitiate all planets. Knowing about the Lord whose eyes are the sun and the moon is beautiful way of propitiating stars.
C 3 bhAvinchi yanantuni balukuTe
kAvinchinadidivO kAla SAnti
Sri vEnkaTanAdhuni chEruTE
dEvamAnavulakunu dEha SAnti ||
Contemplating on eternal Venkatapati wards off evils always. Reaching Venkatapati's abode bestows peace to humans and as well celestials.