by Damodara Rao Dasu

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ninDu manasE - bauLi

P ninDu manasE nee pooja
anDagOrakunDuTadiyu nee pooja ||
Whole-hearted contentment is real worship. Not troubling others for selfish ends is also worship.
C 1 indu hari galaDandu lEdanETi
nindaku bAyuTE nee pooja
kondaru chuTTAlu kondaru paganE
andaduku mAnuTadiyE nee pooja ||
Never doubt the omniprsence of Lord Hari and give scope for others to criticise you. That is true worship of Hari.
C 2 tiTTulu konnani deevena kontani
neTTukOnide nee pooja
peTTina bangAru penkunu ninumunu
aTTE sariyanuTadiyu nee pooja ||
Abuses or blessings by others should be received with equally. It is also a kind of prayer. Accept a piece of gold or a piece of iron in the same manner. That is also true worship.
C 3 sarvamu neevani svatantramuDigi
nirvahinchuTE nee pooja
parvi Sri venkaTapati nee dAsula
poorva maniyeDi buddhi nee pooja ||
Be free from ego and accept the supremacy of Lord Venkatesa. It is true worship. Believing that devotees of Venkatesa are unique is true worship of Lord Venkatesa.