by Damodara Rao Dasu

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kanna vinna vArella - chArukEsi - tiSra Adi

P kanna vinna vArella kApu sEyarA
unnatuDavaina neekee vochchemu lEla ||
Oh Venkatesa, why do people, who heard of your great deeds are not defending you? You are Supreme Lord. Why do people misunderstand you?
C 1 dEvatala gAchinaTTi dEvuDA Neeku pasula
neevala gAchitivanE heenamEla
kAvinchi pAlanidhi kApuramunDinaTTi
neevu pAladonga vanE ninda neeku Ela ||
You are the savior of Devatas in trouble. But why people say that you are only protector of cows. Your abode is on ocean of milk but why do all say that you are milk-thief.
C 2 kAlamandu bali daityu kaTTivEsinaTTi neeku
rOla kaTTuvaDinaTTi rOta neekEla
pAlinchi lOkAlakella poDavaina dEvuDavu
bAluDavu rEpallelO pArADa nElayya ||
As Vamana, you vanquished the mighty demon-king Bali. But why were you tied to a grinding stone? You are the protecting Lord of all Lokas. Why did you move like a cow-herd boy in Repalle village?