by Damodara Rao Dasu

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anniTA nA pAliTi - SankarAbharaNam -Adi

P anniTA nA pAlitiki hari yAtaDE kala
Du ennikagA tudipada mekkitimi ||
Lord Hari is there for me for every thing. I chose correctly my final destination.
C 1 kondaru jeevulu nannu kOpaginchinA mE
lu chendi kondaru aTTE santasinchinA mElu
nindinchi kondaru nannu nEDE rOsinA mElu
pondugA kondaru nannu pogaDinA mElu ||
Some are angry and some are happy with me. I do not mind it. Some people abuse and some get disgusted with me. I don't get offended. Some praise me affectionately . I am not elated.
C 2 kOri nannu pedda sEsi kondaru mokkinA mElu
vEre heenuDani bhAvinchinA mElu
koorimi kondaru nannu pogaDakunDina mElu
mEratO viDichi nannu mechchakunnA mElu ||
Some considered me as great and prostrated before me. Some thought that I am a mean person. Some join me in a friendly manner. It is alright even if some don't appreciate me.
C 3 ippaTiki galapATi yenta pEdainA mElu
uppatillu sampada nAkunDinA mElu
eppuDu Sri vEnkaTESukE nichchina janmamidi
tappu lEdAtani tODi tagulamE mElu ||
I may be very poor or wealthy. It does not bother me. I am happy with my life that Lord Venkateswara bestowed me. My undaunted faith in him is firm and faultless.