by Damodara Rao Dasu

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ammA ninu - khamAs - Adi

P ammA ninu kOrina kOrika
limmA nee abhimAna kumAruDanammA ||
Oh Mother, I am your dear son. Please fulfill my desires.
A.P. mummATiki neevE nA di
kkammA mAnava mAtruDanammA ||
Certainly I seek refuge in you only. I am only a human being.
C puTTi meTTi giTTunaTTi teralO
niTTi naTana bratuku ETikammA
puTTagAnE muraLee gAna
paTTamichchi naTTugA mA ||
The world is like stage. We are born, live and exit. Oh Mother, what is this life for?. You affectionately blessed Murali with excellence in music right from birth. In the same way continue to fulfill my desires.