by Damodara Rao Dasu

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mA mAnini - tODI - Adi

P mA mAninee nee dhAmamugani
nee dAsarini gAdA ||
Oh Mother Lakshmi, I see your holy abode. I am your servant.
A.P. mA mA pApa mada damanee
nee nigAni garima maree maree nimmA ||
You dispel my pride and arrogance. Please bless me with the sight of your lustrous visage again and again.
C sarigAni dAri mAri gadA
dhari nee niga gani nee magani
sAmanigama garima gani nee pada
darini pari pari muraLee ravaLi
nimmani sadA kOritinammA ||
Is it not by withdrawing wicked ways I get closer to you?. Your consort Vishnu enjoys your radiant form. Please bless me with the supreme knowledge of Vedas and scriptures. I seek shelter at your holy feet again and again. I always begged you to bestow me with melodious music.