by Damodara Rao Dasu

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tillAna - brundAvani - Adi

P dheem na na na tillillAna tillAna nAdir
dheem dheem nAdir dheem nAdir dheem nAdir ||
A.P. dheem nanA dheem nanA tadigina tOm takiTa
jhumta jhumta jhumta ta
jhumta rita jhum tarita jhum tarita nAdir ||
C sogasuloora hoyalu kOri
nee darini jEritini
neera ksheera nyAyamai maimarachi
sakala charAchara mella pulakinchi
teeyani hAyanipinchu chiru ravaLi
nee muraLee mAdhuri nAdir ||
Oh Krishna, your beauty is intoxicating. I've been yearning for your charming company and came close to you. I'll merge with you completely like water mixes with milk. The Universe consisting of movable and immovable creatures is thrilled with joy by the soft and sweet sound of your divine flute.