by Damodara Rao Dasu

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12. pAlaya mAm - roopavati - Adi

P pAlaya mAm Sri parvata nandini
paripAlaya mAm paramESvari gauree ||
Oh Godess Parvati, Oh Paramesvari, Oh Gauri, protect me.
A.P. neelakanTha sati dayAmati
Sooladhara mOhita roopavati pAlaya mAm ||
You are Siva's consort. You are kind hearted. Siva who wields trident is fascinated by your beauty. You are very kind . Please protect me.
C agaNita munijana pAlini ananta
surAri bhanjani trijaganmOhini
gajamukha janani jagadAnanda kAriNee
muraLee gAna vinOdinee pAlaya mAm
You protected a number of sages. You annihilated many demons. You are the most fascinating queen of all the three "Lokas". You are Ganesa's mother. You bestow happiness to the whole universe. You engross in Murali's melodious music.