by Damodara Rao Dasu

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16. girijApatE - chakravAkam - chaturasra aTa

P girijApatE jagatpatE
sura vinutE namOstutE ||
Oh Lord Siva the consort of Girija, you are lord of the universe. Devatas worship you.
A.P. SaraNAgata jana prasanna
moortE sanAtana nutE
Those who surrender to you are blessed wit your gracious face. You are eternally worshipped.
C bhujanga sahita neelakanTha gaja charmAmbara dhara vara
muraLee gAnasudhA priya harivandita SaSidhara hima ||
Serpents are your ornaments. Your neck is blue. You wear elephant skin. Sri Hari adores you. You have crescent moon on your head beautifully. You are delighted by nectarine music of Murali.