by Damodara Rao Dasu

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35. pAlayAsumAm - Soolini - roopaka

P pAlayAsumAm Soolini lalita lapita lalanE pari || Oh Mother Parvati holding trident, you are the most charming. Your words are sweet.
A.P. SailabAlE suguNa SeelE suguNa SeelE
salilaja lOchanee pulina vihAriNee ||
You are daughter of Himalayas. Your character is unblemished. Your virtues are many. Your eyes are beautiful like lotus. You stroll happily on sandy river banks.
C lambu shAlankruta kAnti lAvaNya lOhita tilakE
kalita muraLee rava lOlE kali mAnava pAlini pari ||
Your ornament is precious necklace. Your face is auspicious with red Tilaka on forehead. You are attracted by Murali's music. You protect us in this Kaliyuga.