by Damodara Rao Dasu

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7. jAlamEla - sEnApati - Adi

P jAlamEla raghupatE SripatE
neelakanTha sannuta sanmatE||
Oh Lord of Raghu lineage, Oh Lord of Sita, please bestow me with pious mind without any delay. You are adored by Sankara whose neck is blue.
A.P. neelavarNa dinakara kulapatE
pAlinchu SrirAma bhoopatE||
Your complexion is blue. You are the Lord of Surya dynasty. Oh Sri Rama, you are lord of the world.
C karuNA kaTAksha Ela ee upEksha
dushTa Sikshaka SishTa rakshaka
sarasijAksha kari rakshaka
sujana paksha muraLee bhakta rakshaka||
You are embodiment of compassion. Then why is this delay? You punish the wicked and protect the virtuous. Your eyes are beautiful like lotus. You are savior of Gajendra. You support pious people. You are protector of Murali, your devotee..