by Damodara Rao Dasu

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Sri dum durgE - Sriranjani rAgam - khanDa Eka

P Sri dum durgE SivasamsargEchidrasa vargE
sthisE hApavargE Sri vana durgE ||
Oh Mother Durga residing in forest, you are the embodiment of Supreme Consciousness. You bestow everlasting boons.
A.P. dundubhi vAdya bhEda nAda vinOdini
mOdini veeNA vAdini samvEdini abhEdini
sundari Sreeranjani niranjani jaya janani ||
You are delighted by the music by several instruments. You play Veena well. You are all pervading and invincible. You are beautiful. You make Lakshmi happy. You are dispassionate. Oh Mother, victory be to you.
C karuNArasAlayE kalikalmasha vilayE
kara vidhruta kuvalayE kAnana nilayE
charaNa kisalayE chAmeekara valayE
svara sangeetalayE suruchira malayE
guruguhOdayE sadayE vijayE abhayE
sArasamayE shaTsamaye kalayE ||
You are abode of compassion. You are destroyer of Kali yuga's evils. You hold lotus. You reside in forest. Your feet are like tender leaves. You wear precious gold bangles. You engross in good music. Gentle breeze is around you. Guru Guha is your dear child. You are victorious and also kind. You assure us security. You are soft natured. You are the authority on all the six kinds of faiths. I reflect upon your Supreme glory.