by Damodara Rao Dasu

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nAga gAndhAri - nAgagAndhAri - Adi

P nAga gAndhAri rAga nutE
nAgAnanditE mAmava ||
Parvati the daughter of Himalayas is delighted by Nagagandhari Ragam. I pray her to protect me.
A.P. nAgarAja vinutE sura hitE
vAgeeSAdi guruguha vanditE
bhAgavatAdi nuta paradEvatE
parama tatvArdha bOdhitE SivE ||
The king of serpents extols her glory. She is benevolent to celestials. Brahma and Guha bow to her. Devotees sing her glory. She is Supreme Goddess. She expounds the meaning of transcendental philosophy. She is consort of Siva.
C parama SAnta swaroopAkArE
pAda pankajE padma karE
niratiSaya sukha karE suruchirE
Sara chApa pASAnkuSa dharE ||
She is embodiment of tranquility. Her feet are beautiful like lotus. She adorns a lotus flower on hand. She is bestower of Supreme Bliss. She is very charming. She wields bow, arrow, noose and goad on her hands.