by Damodara Rao Dasu

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Emi sEyudunaTE - pharaju - Adi

By Pattabhiramayya
P EmisEyudunaTE ENAkshi || Oh deer-eyed lady , what can I do now?
A.P. nOmu phalamEmO nAsAmiki sati
nA nAmamanTE kAka EmannadOgAni ||
I don't know whether it is the result of my religious austerities. Perhaps it is due to the tales that other women carried, he is getting irritated even at my name.
C 1 sarasuDu nAtO sadAsarasamADe saigala
sArasAkshi vini mArenEmOgAni ||
He used to spend time jovially with me. Perhaps there is change in him due to her words.
C 2 mEDapai mEmiruvuru jODugooDe kaDu
vEDukalella nAchEDe cherichenE ||
That woman has spoiled my enjoyment with my Lord on the terrace of the building.
C 3 molaka navvutOnu mai pulakarichElina
tALavanESuni chAlinchenE savati ||
I am delighted at his fascinating smiles. My co-wife has stopped the Lord of Talavana coming to me.