by Damodara Rao Dasu

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mOhamella - mOhana - Adi

By Pattabhiramayya
P mOhamella delisenu gadarA mOhanAnga vinarA || Oh my charming Lord, I know of your fascination. Please listen.
A.P. dAhavantuni sATi nA gEhamuna kEtenchina nee || You've come to my house like a thirsty man.
C 1 madilO vanchanalanE yenchi vadanamuna mAdhuryamunchi
sudatipai nee nenarunchi sadayuni teeru naTinchE nee ||
You are deceitful in your mind but you exhibit sweetness on your face. You have love for the other woman with beautiful teeth but you are pretending kindness to me.
C 2 parupupai nAkaramu baTTi maruvanani nA Siramu goTTi
sarasamADi poolu chuTTi taruNi nenchi tattarichE nee ||
On bed, you placed your hand on my hand and swore that you would never forget me. You decorated my hair with flowers. But at the same time you've been thinking about the other woman. You appear to be confused.
C 3 tALavana lOla nannu lAlanatO nEluvELa
chAla prEmatOnu lEchi yA bAla nElabOyina nee ||
Oh Lord of Talavana,while you are enjoying with me, you hastily get up to go away to meet the other woman.