by Damodara Rao Dasu

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muTTavaddurA - sAvEri - Adi

By Tanjavuru Chinnaiah
P muTTavaddurA nannipuDu || Oh charming lover, don't touch me now.
A.P. kaTTujEsi yunDaga vaTTi vAdulADuchu || While I am trying to control, you don't try to argue with me.
C 1 A savati paiTa deesi joochuchusantOsha mATalADuchu bAsalichchina chEta || You pulled that co-wife's upper garment aside and seen her. You talked happily with her making promises. Don't touch me.
C 2 mandayAna mOvi vindulADina nA bandhamu teerina gandhamalandinachEta || You enjoyed kisses with that women with gentle gait. You abandoned me. You smeared sandal paste on her with your hands. Don't touch me.
C 3 kAmukELilOnE kAmininE chAla prEmatO gooDElina SyAma bhoopAla neechEta || You enjoyed love sports with lots of love for her. Oh Lord Syama, please don't touch touch me with your hands.