by Damodara Rao Dasu

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kommarO - khamAs - Adi

By Ramnad Srinivasa Ayyangar
P kommarO vAnikinta biguvE pilichina
palukakunnADEmi sEtunE ||
Oh dear maids, why is Krishna so rigid with me? He is not responding to my invitation? What should I do?
A.P. antaranguna kedurEgi techchi vAniki
AkumaDuposagitE hoom pommanenE ||
Thinking that he is my intimate one, I went to him and offered tasty betel leaves and nuts but he vehemently refused.
C 1 sadayuna kedanAnuchu pOTlADitE
tirigi tirigi joochuchu hoom pommanenE ||
Getting close to him I had a tiff with him for his rudeness. He gazed at me again and again and harshly told me to go away.
C 2 tALavanESuDu tagina vallabhuDu
dArilO choochi chEyi tAki pOyenE ||
My Lord who strolls in the garden of palm trees observed me on the way but left away touching my hand.