by Damodara Rao Dasu

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neelAyatAkshi - vijayaSri - rupaka

P neelAyatAkshi neevE jagat sAkshi|| Oh Mother Parvati, your eyes are beautiful like blue lotus. You are the sole witness of the universe.
A.P. Soolini SukapANi sumaSara vairi rANi || You wield trident and parrot. You are the consort of Lord Siva, the destroyer of Manmadha whose arrows are flowers.
C nAdAtmaka prapanchamayE
nAmaroopa rahitE SivE
vEdavEdAnanda sArE
vimalE harikESapriyE ||
You are the soul of 'Pranava Nada'. You are all pervading. You are beyond name and form. You are Siva's consort. You are the essence of Vedas and bliss. You are unblemished. You are dear to Harikesa.