by Damodara Rao Dasu

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nahirE nahi SankA - mOhana - Adi

P nahirE nahi SankA kAchit
nahirE nahi SankA||
Oh Mind, there can never be any doubt at any time
C 1 ajamakshara madvaita manantam
dhyAyanti brahma param SAntam ||
to those who meditate upon Supreme Brahman whose origin or end unknown, which does not diminish, which is non-dual, which is eternal and serene.
C 2 yE tyajanti bahutara paritApam
yE bhajanti satchitsukha roopam ||
to those who get rid off innumerable afflictions, to those who sing the glory of Truth, Consciousness and Bliss.
C 3 paramahamsa guru bhaNitam geetam
yE paThantinigamArdha samEtam ||
to those who chant the divine song sung by Supreme Yogi which is the essence of Vedas and Scriptures.