by Damodara Rao Dasu

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sarvam brahma - navrOj - Adi

P sarvam brahma mayam rErE
sarvam brahma mayam ||
Every thing is Brahmam the Supreme Conciousness,
C 1 kim vachaneeyam kimavachaneeyam
kim rachaneeyam kimarachaneeyam ||
What to utter and what is not to be uttered
What to write and what is not to be written.
C 2 kim paThaneeyam kimapaThaneeyam
kim bhajaneeyam kimabhajaneeyam ||
What to recite and what is not to be recited
what to chant what is not to be chanted.
C 3 kim bOdhavyam kimabOdhavyam
kim bhOktavyam kimabhOktavyam ||
What to teach and what is not to be tought
what to enjoy what is not to be enjoyed
C 4 sarvam sadA hamsadhyAnam
kartavyam bhO mukti nidhAnam ||
Meditate upon the Supreme Being
every where and always.
Oh mind, strive for liberation
which is eternal treasure.