by Damodara Rao Dasu

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ninnE nammiti - kEdAragauLa - Adi

P ninnE nammiti nijamuga lOkamulO || Oh Goddess Devi, I sincerely kept faith in you only. You are my divine prop in this world.
A.P. ninnaDa chalupaga nAvichAramu deerchi
ambOruhAnana divyatara joochi ||
You console me with your loving talk and eradicate my worries. Your face is beautiful like lotus. Please shower your glances on me.
C nee mahAtmyamu evarE nidAnimpa
Sakyamu gAdugadA
SrimAtavE nee chAyEtula nokani gAnchagalanE
Emani cheppudu dEvee nutimpa nAdu vaSamA
ee mahilO nee daya galigi nA bhayambu toligenO ||
Is it possible for anyone to understand your glory. You are my Mother. No one is comparable to even your shadow. Oh Devi, what can I say. Am I capable enough to worship you properly? All my fears in this world vanish due to your compassion.