by Damodara Rao Dasu

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32. jagadOddhAraNa - kApi - Adi

P jagadOddhAraNa ADisidaLeSOdE
Mother Yasoda fondled and played with child Krishna the benefactor of the world.
A.P. jagadOddhAraNa maganendu tiLiyuta
suguNAntarangana ADisidaLesOdE ||
She thought that Krishna the savior of the world is her dear child only.
C 1 nigamake silukada agaNita mahimana
magugaLa mANikyana ADisidaleSOdE ||
He is incomprehensible even by the Vedas. His powers are unimaginable. But Mother Yasoda played with her lovely child innocently.
C 2 aNOraNeeyana mahatOmaheeyana
apramEyana ADisidaLeSOdE ||
Sri Krishna is greater than the greatest and he is smaller than the smallest object. He is beyond human understanding.Mother Yasoda only fondled him as ordinary child.
C 3 parama purushana para vAsudEvana
purandara viTThalana ADisidaLeSOde ||
Sri Krishna is the Supreme Person. He is transcendental Vasudeva. Mother Yasoda played with child Krishna lovingly.