by Damodara Rao Dasu

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51. bArE gOpamma - saurAshTra - chApu

P bArE gOpamma nimma bAlayya naLutAna bArE gOpamma || Oh Mother Yasoda, your boy is weaping. Please come.
A.P. Aru toogidaru malaganu muravairi bArE gOpamma || All of us rocked his cradle but he did not sleep. Mother Yasoda, please come.
C1,C2 neeroLagADi maioresendu aLutAne bArE gOpamma
mEruva hottu mai bhAravendaLutAne bArE gOpamma ||
dharaNiya kOreyalleTTu davaDenondaLutAne bArE gOpamma
duraLa rakkasana karuLa kanDalutAne bArE gOpamma ||
He is wet after his bath. He is weaping and asking us to wipe. He was in sea during 'Matsya Avatara'. He bore the Meru mountain on his back in 'Koorma Avatara'. Now he is complaining that his back is aching. Oh Mother Yasoda, please come.
He lifted the globe on tusks in 'Varaha Avatara'. Now he is weaping saying that his jaw is paining. He pulled out intestines of Hiranyakasipa in 'Narasimha Avatara'. Now he is crying saying that he is scared of it. Oh Mother Yasoda, please come.
C3,C4 nalavanaLedu puTTa beraLu nondaLutAne bArE gOpamma
chaladinda koDaliya piDide nedaLutAne bArE gOpamma ||
balusainya kapigaLa nODenendaLutAne bArE gOpamma
nelavina benneyu niluka dendaLutAne bErE gOpamma ||
During 'Vamana Avatara' he scaled the cosmos with his feet but now he is weaping saying that his fingers are aching. He wielded axe in 'Parasurama Avatara'. Now he is weaping that his hand is aching. Oh Mother Yasoda, please come.
He is weaping saying that he can't see army of monkeys though in 'Rama Avatara' he commanded army of monkeys. Little Krishna is weaping because he could not reach butter in sling pot. Oh Mother Yasoda, please come.
C5,C6 bettale nintavana nettikoLLendaLutAne bArE gOpamma
uttama tEjiya hattEnendaLutAne bArE gOpamma ||
toTTiloLage malagalollanu muravairi bArE gOpamma
diTTa purandara viTThalage molekoDu bArE gOpamma
He is pestering us to lift him and carry. He wants to mount the great horse in 'Kaliyuga'. Oh Mother Yasoda,please come.
He refuses to sleep in cradle. Oh Mother Yasoda, come and feed him with your milk. He is divine Purandara Vitthala