by Damodara Rao Dasu

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pAhi rAma prabhO - madhyamAvati - jhumpa

P pAhi rAma prabhO pAhi rAma prabhO
pAhi bhadrAdri vaidEhi rAma prabhO
Oh Lord Rama, please protect me. Oh Lord of Vaidehi, please protect me
C 1 indirA hrudayAravind
AdiroopAsundarAkAra Ananda
rAma prabhO ||
Oh Rama, you dwell in the heart of Sita. You are the primordial God. You are very handsome. You are blissful.
C 2 brundArakAdi sadbrundArchitAvatA
ravinda muni sandarSitA ||
Pious sages of Brundaraka forest worshipped you. You moved in forests and and appeared to sages.
C 3 talli neevE tanDri neevE mA dhAtuvu
neevE mA bhrAta rAma prabhO ||
Oh Lord Rama, you are our Mother, our Father, our Brother and the essence of our life.