by Damodara Rao Dasu

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inta kanna - bilahari - roopakam

Tyagaraja says in this Kruti that nothing else is happier than singing the praise of Sri Hari, forgetting all mundane activities.

P inta kanna Ananda mEmi Oh rAma rAma || What else is happier than this, Oh Rama?
AP santa janula kella sammati yunTE kAni || All the great saints accepted me (to join them).
C ADuchu nAdamuna pADuchu eduTa rA
vEDuchu manasuna kooDi yunDEdi chalu ||
Singing and dancing whole-heartedly and requesting God to be with me in mind and spirit, is enough.
C Sree hari keertana chE dEhAdi indriya sa
moohamula marachi sOhamainadE chAlu ||
Singing songs about Sri Hari, forgetting all mundane activities is itself identifying with God. That is enough.
C nee japamula vELa nee jagamulu nee pai rAjillunaya tyAgarAjanuta charitra|| When chanting your praise I visualize the spendour of your universal form. Tyagaraja worships your glory.

inta sowkhya mani - kApi - Adi

In this kruti Tyagaraja says that the nectar of music can best be enjoyed by embellishing it, not only with swara (musical notes), raga (melody) and laya (rhythm), but also with devotion to Rama.

P inta sowkhya mani nE cheppa jAla
entO EmO evariki telusunO ||
I cannot describe in words this pleasure. Who can measure it? Who knows the essential nature of that ecstasy?
AP dAnta seetA kAnta karuNa
swAnta prEmAdulakE telusunu gAni ||
Oh Lord of Sita, You are great philosopher and embodiment of mercy. Only those whose hearts are filled with love for you can experience real bliss.
C swara rAga laya sudhA rasa mandu
vara rAma nAma manE kanDa chakke
ra miSramu chEsi bhujimchE Sam
karuniki telusunu tyAgarAjavinuta ||
Only Sankara knows how to enjoy the nectar of music embellished by swara, raga, laya, mixed with sugar known as Rama Namam in it. He is worshipped by Tyagaraja.