by Damodara Rao Dasu

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upachAramu - bhairavi - roopakam

In this keertana, Tyagaraja asks Rama whether he forgot that he was at his service. He also asks Rama whether he would only take the services of his brothers, Anjaneya and Sita but not from others.

P upachAramu chEsE vArunnArani marachitivO || Have you forgotten that there are many to serve you?
AP kripa kAvale nani nEnee keertini balkuchu nunDaga || I have been singing your glory and seeking your grace.
C vAkiTa nE padilambuga vAtAtmaju DunnADani
Sree karulagu nee tammulu chEriyunnArani
EkAntamunanu jAnaki yErpaDi yunnadani
Sree kanta paru lElani Sree tyAgarAja nuta ||
Is it because Anjaneya, the son of the wind god, is at your doorstep for sure?
Is it because your younger brothers are with you?
Is it because Janaki is there to attend to you personally?
Is it because you don't want outsiders to serve you? Oh Lord of Tyagaraja.