by Damodara Rao Dasu

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bhajana sEyavE manasA-kaLyANi-ropakam

In this kruti Tyagaraja says that human birth is itself a great opportunity.Man is blessed with superior mind capable of discrimination and perception of unfathomable knowledge.He deplores at man's reluctance to seek the path for salvation.

P bhajana sEyavE manasA parama bhaktiTO || Oh my mind, absorb yourself in singing the praise of Rama with utmost devotion.
AP aja rudrAdulaku bhoosurAdula karudaina rAma || Even to Brahmanas,Brahma,Siva and other Gods, worshipping Rama is a rare opportunity.
C 1 nAda praNava sapta swara vEda varNa Sastra purA
NAdi chatushshashTi kaLala bhEdamu kaligE
mOdakara Sareera meTTi muktimArgamunu deliyaka
vAda tarkamEla SrimadAdi tyAgarajanutuni ||
Man is endowed with the power of discrimination and the power to perceive the sublime musical nadam i.e.'Omkaram',the seven musical notes, the different sciences evolving from the Vedas and the sixty four types of arts. Yet ,he is unable to seek the path for salvation and is only struggling in debates

bAgAye nayya-chandra jyOti -dESAdi

In this kruti Tyagaraja wonders at Lord Krishna's incomprehensible acts like asking reluctant Arjuna to defeat kauravas and at the same assuring him that neither of them will be effected by the sin of war and violence.

P bAgAye nayya nee mAya lentO
brahma kaina koniyADa taramA ||
Oh Lord,your deluding acts are indeed great.It is not possible even for Brahma to laud you.
AP ee gAraDamunu nonarinchuchunu
nEgAdanunchu balkeDi yunu ||
You enact the drama of the world and at the same time deny your involvement in it.
C 1 alanADu kauravula naNacha mana
alari dOsamanE joochi pApa
phalamu neeku tanaku lEdani chakkaga
pAlanamu sEya lEdA tyAgarAjanuta ||
Once when Arjuna lamented that destroying kauravas was sin,you encouraged him to wage the war.You also declared that neither of you would be inflicted by sin in a war for the protection of Dharma. Oh Lord of Tyagaraja,did you not manage the crisis well?