by Damodara Rao Dasu

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SrirAma pAdamA-amrita vAhini-Adi

In this kruti Tyagaraja personifies the sacred feet of Rama and describes the pathetic story of pious Ahalya who was redeemed of her curse by the touch of Rama's sacred feet.

P srirAma pAdamA nee krupa jAlunE
chittAniki rAvE||
O divine feet of Srirama, your mercy is abundant.Please abide in my conscience always.
AP vArija bhava sanaka sanandana
vAsavAdu lella pujinchE ||
Brahma the lotus borne and Indra the lord of heaven adore you. The most pious and wise sages Sanaka and Sanandana worship you.
C 1 dArini Sila yai tApamu tALaka
vAramu kanneeru rAlchaga Soora ahalyanu joochi brOchi
tA reeti dhanyu sEyavE tyAgarAja gEyamA ||
The most pious woman Ahalya who was cursed, remained as stone on your path. Unable to bear the anguish she was shedding tears unendingly. You are the compassionate hero that protected her by transforming her to her former self by the touch of your holy feet. Please bless me with your grace in the same manner. Tyagaraja sings your glory.

Sri jAnakee manOhara-eeSAmanOhari-dESAdi

In this Kruti Tyagaraja expresses a strange feeling that his deity Sri Rama is not caring about his pitiable condition wantonly. He felt that possibly his sinful acts are obstructing his Rama to look at him.

P Sri jAnakee manOhara Sri rAghava || O Srirama the one who captivated the heart of Sita, let me know the reason for your silence.
AP nA jAlini neevE delisi
namrAnuDouTakEmi kAraNamu ||
Knowing fully well my pitiable condition, why are you silent as though you are unaware of it.
C 1 nE sEyu dushkarma dEvata nee sannidhini nilva sAgenO
nee sEva nilpaga nElarA neerajAksha tyAgarAja sannuta ||
My sinful acts assumed the form of a sinister deity and perhaps it is standing before you as obstruction. I can never stop worshipping you. Tyagaraja always adores you.

samayamu telasi-asAvEri-chApu

In this Kruti Tyagaraja explains very curtly that wealth,education, caste,ability to write and sing must be only for nobler causes but not for selfish worldly pleasures.

P samayamu telasi puNyamu lArginchani
dhanikuDunDi Emi poyyEmi||
If a wealthy person does not live for a pious cause, it matters little whether he lives or dies.
AP samata tODi dharmamu jayamE gAni
kramamutO manavini vinavE O manasA ||
Righteousness,equality and gentle nature alone confer real success.
C 1 sAramou kavitala vini verrivADu
santOsha paDi yEmi paDakEmi
chEraDEsi guDDi kannulu bAga
terachi yEmi teravakunna nEmi ||
Reciting sublime poetry in front of a lunatic is mere waste. It is of no significance if a blind person opens or closes his eyes.
C 2 turaka veedhi lO vipruniki pAnaka puja
neraya chEsi yEmi chEyakunTe nEmi
dhara lOna dhana kOTlaku yajamAnuDu
dayyamaitE nEmi lObhaitE nEmi ||
There is no sanctity in honoring and worshipping a learned priest in a street full of non-believers. A miserly millionaire in society is as dreadful as a ghost.
C 3 edanu SrirAma bhaktiyu lEni nara janma
meTTi yEmi mrugamaitE nEmi
padamu tyAgarAja nutuni pai gAnidi
pADi yEmi yEDchi yEmi ||
Birth as a human being, bereft of devotion in heart for Srirama is futile and is in no way better than birth as animal. If songs are not in praise of Srirama, the lord of Tyagaraja, they are fruitless.Wailing is better than that.

samukhAna nilva-kOkilavarALi-dESAdi

In this Kruti Tyagaraja expresses his doubt whether he would be blessed to stand in the presence of his deity Srirama.

P samukhAna nilvagalgunA kamalAnana || O lotus-faced Srirama, can I ever be blessed with the fortune of standing in your august presence.
AP kshama kalgu bhutanaya lakshmaNA
di mahAtmulakE gAni anyulaku ||
Great souls like Sita the daughter of Goddess Earth and the epitome of patience and Lakshmana the sincere and ideal brother are perhaps the only persons to be in your august presence.
C 1 kamalAsanAdyamara dikpatulu
kalaSa vArdhilO jooDa nEraka
gumigooDi moraliDa kAryamulu
Brahma who sits on lotus, gods who are the lords of directions tried to appeal to you in person on the milky ocean but could not do so. Then they collectively prayed to you and got their requests rewarded.
O Rama,Tyagaraja worships you.