by Damodara Rao Dasu

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ninu bAsi yeTla-balahamsa-Adi

In this Kruti expresses his awe at the thought of seperation from the divine vision of Sri Rama .He describes how Rama gratifies our five senses.

P ninu bAsi yetla yundurO nirmalAtmulou janulu || O Rama, I wonder how the pious devotees can remain without visualising you.
AP anagha supuNya amara varENya sanaka SaraNya satkAruNyAya || You are sinless and pious. You are supreme among all celestials. Sage Sanaka seeks refuge in you. You are the embodiment of compassion.
C kanulaku chaluva chevulakamrutamu
vinu rasanaku ruchi manasuku sukhamu
tanuvukunAnandamu galga jEsE
tyAgarAja hruddhAma purNakAma ||
Your appearence is soothing to eyes. Your talk is nectarine to ears. Your sacred name is sweet to tongue. You are the bestower of bliss to body and mind. You are the icon of absolute fulfillment. You dwell in the heart of Tyagaraja.

nArada gAna lOla-aThANa-rupaka

In this Kruti Tyagaraja sings the divine glory of Sri Hari the creator and sustainer of the universe. He expresses that Narada's devotional out-pourings inspired him to sing the praise of the lord.

P nArada gAna lOla nata jana paripAla || O Srihari, you are engrossed in sage Narada's devotioal singing. You are the protector.
AP neerada sama neela nirupama guNa Seela || Your complexion is that of dark clouds. Your virtues are incomparable.
C 1 neevu lEka yE tanuvulu niratamuga naDachunu
neevu lEka yE taruvulu nikkamuga molachunu
neevu lEka yE vAnalu nityamuga guriyunu
neevu lEka tyAgarAju nee guNamula neTu bADunu ||
Is it possible for the mortals to sustain without your dispensation ? Can the trees truly grow without your support ? Will there be regular rainfall without your consent? How can Tyagaraja sing of your glory but for your grace?

naDachi naDachi-kharahara priya-Adi

In this Kruti criticises those who superficially worship. He says that they are unmindful of emancipation from cycle of births and deaths. He indirectly tells that many walk to the city of Ayodhya but fail to find Rama.
P naDachi naDachi choochE rayOdhya nagaramu kAnarE || You trek a long distance to see the city of Ayodhya but fail to see Srirama.
AP puDami suta sahAyuDai chelangE
poorNuni AtmArAmuni gooDa ||
You wish to meet Srirama the spouse of Sita the daughter of mother earth. Rama is absolutely perfect. He is Atmarama whose abode is your own inner-self.
C aTTE kanula goorchi terachi sutramu
baTTi veliki vEsha dhArulai
puTTu chAvu lEni tAvu teliyaka
pogaDEru tyAgarAja vinutuni ||
Some devotees meditate with half-closed eyes, roll rosary beads in their hands. They put up external show . They are ignorant of emancipation from cycle of births and deaths and worship Srirama the lord of Tyagaraja.

dvaitamu sukhamA-reetigowLa-Adi

In this Kruti Tyagaraja wonders whether dualism is blissful or non-dualism. He expounds that the supreme power in cosmos manifests in all elements of nature and gods.

P dvaitamu sukhamA advaitamu sukhamA || Is dualism (Dvaitam) which propounds that individual soul(jeevatma) and supreme soul (paramatma) are separate blissful ? or non-dualism (advaitam) which expounds that one is only part of the other blissful ?
AP chaitanyamA vinu sarva sAkshee vi
stAramugAnu delpumu nAtO ||
O Supreme power in cosmos the eternal witness, please enlighten me clearly.
C gagana pavana tapana bhuvanAdyavani lO
nagadharAja SivEndrAdi suralalO
bhagavadbhakta varAgrEsarula lO
bAga raminchE tyAgarAjArchita ||
O Supreme Soul Srirama, you are manifested in the five elements of nature namely sky,wind,fire,earth and water. You are in the form of MahaVishnu, Siva,Indra and other gods.You are the spirit dwelling in the foremost devotees of God. Tyagaraja worships you.