by Damodara Rao Dasu

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tappaganE - Suddha bangALa - rupaka

P tappaganE vachchunu nA tanuvuku lampaTa nee krupa || Oh Sri Rama, whenever I failed to worship you, I am deprived of your compassion and confront with difficulties.
A.P. meppulakE koppulugala mETi janula choochi bhajana || Sometimes I spent time in praising and hankering around well-to-do people to win favours and so neglected my daily worship.
C 1 rookalakai paiki manchi kOkalakai yAhAramunaku
nookalakai dhyAninchiti tyAgarAjanutuni bhajana ||
Sometimes my attention was to earn money , good clothes and rice for food only. Thereby I used to neglect worshipping Sri Rama the Lord of Tyagaraja.