by Damodara Rao Dasu

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SreepatE nee pada - nAgasvarAvaLi - dESAdi

P Sree patE nee pada chintanamE jeevanamu || Oh Lord of Lakshmi, meditating upon your sacred feet is the sole purpose of my life.
A.P. nE paradESinA gAsi bApavE chanuvuna dayachEsi || Am I a stranger for you? Please assuage my sorrow with affection.
C rAjAdhirAja ravikOTi tEja poojinchi ninnindrAdulu di
grAjulai velayalEdA rAjillu Sri tyAgarAjuniki ||
Oh king of kings, you shine with the radiance of crores of Suns.Indra and other Devatas are flourishing well in their prestigious positions because of your grace. You alleviated the problems faced by Siva. Tyagaraja always meditates upon your sacred feet.