by Damodara Rao Dasu

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manasu nilpa - abhOgi - Adi

P manasu nilpa Sakti lEkapOtE
madhura ghanTa virula pujEmi ||
If a person has no control of mind, what is the use of ringing temple bells and worshipping with flowers.
A.P. dhana durmaduDai tAmunigitE
kAvEri mandAkini yeTu brOchunu ||
If a wicked one full of arrogance dips in holy rivers Kaveri and Mandakini, how can he become pious to be protected by God.
C sOmidamma sogasugAnDra kOritE
sOmayAji swargAroohuDaunO
kAmakrOdhuDu tapambonarchitE
gAchi rakshinchunO tyAgarAja nuta ||
If wife of a Somayaji performing Yajna has illicit connection with a handsome fellow , can that Somayaji become eligible to ascend steps to reach heaven ?. If one full of lust and anger performs austerities, would Sri Rama the lord of Tyagaraja, save and protect him.