by Damodara Rao Dasu

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perugu pAlu - ghanTA - Adi

P perugu pAlu bhujiyinchi tanuvunu benchinadella indukA
niravadhi sukhadAyaka mA vayasu
neeTanu galipETandukA ||
Oh bestower of limitless bliss, is it for this end we nourished our bodies with abundant milk and curds? Is it for wasting our youth? Our dreams of intimate intimate relationship with you are shattered.
C 1 attamAmalatO neekai mEmedurADinadella indukA
sattagaligi ikanaina yundumani santasillinandukA ||
Did we disobey our in-laws for this plight? We dreamt that that we would be delighted in your company.
C 2 Asadeera neesEva valayunani yalasinadella indukA
pAsiyunDanEraka peddalachE bAmula chendinadindukA ||
We struggled to serve you heartily. Now we face humiliation. Is it for this we came?
C 3 snAnapAnamulu sEyuvELa ninu dhyAnamu chEsinadindukA
mEnula nee sommulu sEyuTakai mEmallADinadindukA ||
We meditated upon you even while performing our daily chores. We decorated you with ornaments. It for this?
C 4 taliru bONulai yamunAnadilO tallaDillEdindukA
valachuchu tolijanmamu rAmunichE varamulu baDasinadindukA ||
We young maids are struggling in Yamuna river. Did Sri Rama bless us with boons in our previous birth for this?
C5,C6 kOTijanmamulu tapamuchEsi kOrinadellanindukA
sATilEni nee leelalu manasuna sairinchi yunnadindukA ||
Agama nigama purANa chAruDani anusarinchi yunnadindukA
tyAgarAja nuta tArakanAma nee tatvamu delasinadindukA||
Is this the result of our penances performed in crores of births? We have been thinking of your unparalleled miracles again and again. Is it for this?
We followed with absolute faith that you are the embodiment of Vedas and Agamas. Oh Krishna, you are transcendental. Tyagaraja worships you. Did we grasp your nature to suffer in this manner?