by Damodara Rao Dasu

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vEdavAkyamani - mOhana - chApu

P vEdavAkyamani yenchiri veladulella sammatinchiri || Gopikas respected Krishna's words as Vedic sayings and agreed to follow his advice.
C 1 cheeralanni vadalinchiri entO siggu chEta nandu nunchiri || They unrobed themselves shyly and reluctantly. They plugged the leakage in boat with their sarees.
C2,C3 anduna niluvaka pOyenu mEnulandariki taDavanAyenu ||
kanugondurOyani saraguna pAlinDlu karamuna moositE maragunA ||
But the sarees were washed away by the gushing waters. They all became totally wet.
They tried to cover their bosom with their hands to save their privacy. But does it help?
C4,C5 mAnamulanu moosikondurO tama prANamulanu gAchukondurO ||
chelula nOru enDanAyenu neeru chilu chilumani ekkuvAyenu ||
Should they struggle to save their lives or protect their modesty and dignity.
Their mouths became dry. Water was rushing inside unabatedly.
C6,C7 valuvalu kAnaka pOyenu satula vadanamulu srukkanAyenu ||
karigi yangalArchiri chelulu kamalAkshu nuramuna jErchiri ||
Their garments disappeared from the hole. Their faces faded in sorrow.
All the maids grieved deplorably and ultimately embraced lotus-eyed Krishna.
C8,C9 kanula kATukaneeru karagajoochi kAntuDentO muddugAraga ||
ramaNula madamella virigenu tyAgarAja nutuni madi karagenu ||
Black eye-liners of Gopikas melted away with tears. Krishna observed their condition and pitied them with love.
Ego and conceit of Gopikas got dispelled. Krishna the lord of Tyagaraja was touched by it.